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Saturday, August 5th - 10 AM

WE CARE Festival
Hotchkiss Field Community Center
701 E. Brookland Park Boulevard

Sunday, August 6th - 10 AM

Community Outreach Sunday

Saturday, August 12th - 12 PM

Mission Workshop
"Recommit to Mission Service"
Macbeth Conference Room

Sunday, September 3rd - 10 AM

Community Outreach Sunday

Pastor Gray:
Preaching Engagements
Sunday, August 6th  - 3 PM

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 12607 Verdon Road, Doswell, VA 23047

Sunday, August 13th  - 2:30 PM 

Mt. Hope Baptist Church, 5502 Paynes Mill Road, Bumpass, Va 23024

Sunday, August 20th  - 2 PM

Jerusalem Baptist Church, 6512 Carsley Road, Waverly, VA 23890

Sunday, August 27th - 3PM

Praise Through Movement Extravaganza

Wednesday, August 30th - 5:30 PM

Advisory Council Meeting